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Stranger Things Are Happening At Timex!

Stranger Things season 4 has been released, and Timex made a huge announcement. The 165+ years old watchmaker company has collaborated with Netflix’s Stranger Things and released three timepieces that match the vibe of an alternate reality, the Upside Down. Timex X Stranger Things is about to make a big splash in the watch industry, and Stranger Things are yet to happen!

Timex has modernized its three nostalgic watches with the new Stranger Things theme – Timex T80, Timex Camper, and Timex Atlantis. Stranger Things is the ultimate sci-fi horror series bound to give you chills down your spine!

Since the launch of Stranger Things in 2016, the series has never disappointed its audience. Haven’t watched the series yet? Then, let the Timex X Stranger Things timepieces fill you in.

The editions are too cool to avoid. The Timex Atlantis x Stranger Things is made exclusively for men and has some unique features. Also, if you are searching for branded watches for girls, Timex has a surprise for you. The Timex T80 x Stranger Things and Timex Camper x Stranger Things are perfectly suitable for both men and women. So, despite your gender, you can enjoy watching the show with a crazy “stranger” on your wrist.

This Timex Atlantis x Stranger Things Watch with a resin strap features the iconic Atlantis 40 mm watch design and crimson Stranger Things graphics that make the watch stand out. Enjoy the forthcoming season of Stranger Things with the most incredible version of Atlantis. Timex Atlantis X Stranger Things is water-resistant and made exclusively for men. Timex pairs its vintage aesthetic with spine-chilling graphics and eerie INDIGLO® backlighting for a timeless look. Once it is on your wrist, no one can ignore it. In addition, you can use the watch to set alarms with the iconic and spooky ‘Stranger Things’ melody.

The Timex T80 x Stranger Things 34mm Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch is a unisex watch with stainless steel strap and silvery colour. The dial is square-shaped, and the case material is resin. With the collaboration of Timex T80 and Stranger Things theme, spooky graphics on the lens and a hidden Stranger Things logo emerge when the eerie INDIGLO® backlight is activated, and the nostalgic Timex T80 captures otherworldliness. In addition, the T80™ ‘s display reveals the alternate dimension of the Upside Down for a full 20 seconds. This timepiece is waterproof up to 30 meters so that you can wear it in light rain.

The Timex Camper x Stranger Things 40mm Fabric Strap Watch is the actual beast in the collaborations. Timex Camper is an iconic watch, and together with Stranger Things, the watch offers a unique experience of a parallel universe and an alternate reality.


Additionally, this watch offers eye-popping graphics and a blood-red INDIGLO*® backlight, so it’s easy to track time no matter in which dimension you are stuck (yes, that includes the Upside Down too). It has a 40 mm large case and is water-resistant up to 50 meters. It is a unisex model, so if you are looking for a wristwatch for girls or boys, why not buy the Timex Camper x Stranger Things timepiece?

As Mas rightly said, “You just try things on. Until you find something that feels like you.”

So, if you are looking for something strange, and cool with a dash of nostalgia, the Timex X Stranger Things collection is one you must get your hands on! Remember, at no cost should you lose track of time, even in an alternate reality!


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