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Best Ways to Deal with Hair Fall

Hair loss is a grave concern for a lot of people. It can occur due to reasons such as genetics, medical conditions, male pattern baldness, alopecia, and aging. Everyone tries to delay this process or prevent it for as long as they can. There are a lot of suggestions that one receives – home remedies, products to buy, treatments to undergo, medication to consume and so on. Here are a few tried and tested ways to deal with the issue of hair fall. 

Eat extra protein

A study carried out in 2017 showed that participants undergoing hair loss had low protein intake. Following a high protein diet rich in soy, fish, lean meats or mediterranean food can reduce the risk of hair loss. Hair loss is connected to nutritional deficiencies, so altering your diet can curb that. 

Wash your hair frequently using the best shampoo for hair fall 

Firstly, the shampoo you use makes a great difference and secondly how consistently you shampoo also impacts hair fall. When you wash your hair regularly it keeps the scalp and hair clean, thereby lowering the risk of dandruff and infections that may lead to hair loss or breakage. Clean hair always look more voluminous than dirty and unkempt hair. One of the best shampoos for hair fall is WOW’s Hair Loss Control Therapy Shampoo. This is known to enhance hair growth making the hair appear healthy and thick.

Use green tea for your hair

It is believed that rubbing green tea into your hair could help avert the hair fall issue. You can do this yourself by brewing green tea in water and then rinsing your hair with it when it cools down. Alternatively, you can opt for a product such as WOW Skin Science’s Green Tea & Tea Tree Anti-Dandruff Shampoo. Green tea is a game-changer for hair fall as it contains Vitamin B that aids hair growth. It boosts the production of red blood cells that transport oxygen to the scalp, allowing hair follicles to yield new hair.

Use vitamin enriched products for hair fall

Not only are vitamins great for the overall well-being of the body but can do wonders for your hair. For instance, vitamin B improves blood circulation, vitamin A boosts generous production of sebum in the scalp and vitamin E helps the hair to sustain its healthy colour.

Use onion based products for damaged hair

Onion is a miracle product for hair fall and has a positive impact on hair loss. Applying onion to the scalp aids hair regrowth in both women and men. WOW’s Onion Oil for Hair Fall Control is one of the best oils for hair fall. It also contains castor oil and almond oil which is a rich source of all the vitamins mentioned above. Regular application of products that contain onion black seed oil can make hair silky and strong. 

Try not to brush your hair when it’s wet 

When your hair is wet, it is in its frailest state and should not be brushed. Brushing them at their weakest can lead to a lot of hair loss. Try running your fingers through your hair or use a very wide-toothed comb to detangle. 

Stay hydrated

The hair shaft contains one-quarter water so it is imperative that you drink a lot of water and remain hydrated to ensure good hair growth.

Change how you style your hair

If you are losing a lot of hair and it seems to be a recent phenomenon, loosen up your hair. Don’t style your hair in braids, ponytails, or in hairstyles that pull hair and tug on hair follicles. This can eventually lead to baldness. 

The best way to deal with hair fall is to know what is good and what is bad for your hair, to maintain good scalp health and hair care and adopt good hair-care practices. Using nutrient-rich products free from sulphur and paraben will also play a pivotal role in improving hair health. 


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