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22 Goodies to Put inside a Get Well Soon Care Package

When your friend is sick, you want to do all you can to help them feel better. There are a number of great items to add to a basket or box that you can create on your own, to customize it specifically to them. Whether you are dropping it off personally or sending it through mail, filling the care package with a variety of fun things will make their down time more comfortable, and hopefully, just a little more tolerable!

  • Cozy Socks. The feet are often the last part of the body to be pampered. When you’re sick, the warmth and softness of just the right cozy socks provides hourly comfort.
  • Cough Drops. Soothe their sore throat with a honey cough drop that doubles as immune support. Beekeeper’s Naturals is made with zinc, Propolis, and Vitamin D.
  • Peppermint Essential Oil. Help them clear their senses with peppermint essential oil. Easily blended with other oils if they have them on hand, peppermint is known to provide a waking effect, while also calming the body.
  • Gift Card. Do they have a favorite restaurant or store? Including a gift card in your care package will get them excited about purchasing exactly what they need. A sure-fire winner that is the perfect accompaniment to cough drops, cozy socks, and anything else going into your basket.
  • Handmade Card. Nothing quite says “get well soon” like those words written in your own handwriting. Use a heavy cardstock, stickers, and die cuts to create a sweet, personalized get well soon card.
  • Hand Cream. The relaxing and refreshing act of applying hand cream goes a long way in self-care. Accompanied by a fresh, luxurious scent, your sick friend will eagerly use it to calm dry hands after continuous washing.
  • A Warm Throw. Whether it’s made of fleece or wool, a nice, new warm throw is often just what the sickie needs to balance their temperature.
  • Herbal Tea. With so many flavors to choose from, you’re bound to pick a favorite or two! Chamomile and lemon ginger are favorites among people who are feeling under the weather.
  • Campbell’s chicken noodle soup may be a crowd favorite, but virtually any soup will do. Cans, packet mixes or fresh from the market (or your own kitchen), soup has a healing effect like nothing else in the world!
  • Lip Balm. Just like hands, feet and noses, lips are bound to get dry and cracked during times of illness. Lip balms come in different flavors now that are sure to excite the senses.
  • Paperback Novel. It’s okay to go a little old school, as there’s nothing quite like a paperback novel to help your sick friend get lost in another reality – if only just for a little while!
  • Magazine or Two. Choose one magazine you know they’ll like and another that may entice them toward different interests. The whole idea is to get their mind off feeling blue.
  • Teddy Bear. Really, any stuffed animal will do. Hugging and cuddling a teddy bear is just what we need when we’re sick!
  • Shower Steamers. When they are up for showering and restoring themselves, shower steamers serve as aromatherapy bits of heaven.
  • Massage Ball. Great for tired or achy muscles, a spiky massage ball that’s easy to hold and roll will be their new best friend.
  • Silk Sleep Mask. It isn’t uncommon to sleep at all times during the day when you’re not feeling quite right, and a silk sleep mask will help them block out the light if they feel themselves getting drowsy in the middle of the day.
  • Bags of pistachios, corn chips, and popcorn are all great choices to include in your care package!
  • Perfect Night’s Sleep Scented Candle. Proper sleep is the best way to encourage the recovery process, and this candle will allow for just that with scents of sweet basil, jasmine and English lavender.
  • Silk Flowers. While ill, your sick friend doesn’t need anything else to look after! Choose several stems of silk flowers to wrap around your basket for a dainty, English garden look.
  • Digital Thermometer. They’re small, and easily get lost between cushions and under beds. An extra digital thermometer will help them stay on top of their treatment.
  • Hand Sanitizer. Certainly not meant to replace hand washing, hand sanitizers can be kept close and used more frequently after nose blowing and coughing to keep everyone in the family safe.
  • Baby Wipes. They can use them to clean up their hands after polishing off that bag of Cheetos you gave them or a Chloraseptic spill on the coffee table. A useful and thoughtful addition!




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