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Take Your Jewellery Collection to the Next Level with a Solitaire Pendant

Solitaires can very well be considered some of the most exquisite kinds of jewellery one can own. Generally associated with wedding rings, solitaires feature a single diamond that forms the focus of the piece. But did you know that apart from rings, you can get solitaire pendants as well? As the name suggests, solitaire pendants include a single diamond strung through a chain, creating a simple piece that is stunning and exquisite at the same time.

So, how do you choose the perfect one for yourself? Simple! Just take care to note these things:

  • Metal base

Choosing the metal base is one of the most essential things when getting any diamond jewellery, including a solitaire pendant. So, carefully choose whether you want yours in yellow, rose, or white gold or platinum. If you want a modern look, go for platinum since even white gold tends to develop a yellow sheen over time. However, if you want to go for a traditional style, yellow gold can be your best bet. You can also achieve a youthful look with rose gold.

  • 4Cs of the diamond

In addition to the metal the diamond is set on, you also need to consider the stone’s specifications carefully. This is especially crucial since the price of your solitaire pendant will depend heavily on the quality of the stone across the 4Cs. The higher the score across the parameters of Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat, the higher its price will be. However, better scores across each parameter also indicate a brilliant shine and overall look of your jewellery.

  • Purpose, usage and maintenance

Lastly, you need to consider how often you will be wearing your solitaire pendant. Since proper maintenance is required to make your jewellery shine and look great for longer, you should go for less costly options if you intend to wear it regularly. However, if you want to add it as a piece in your fancy jewellery collection reserved for special occasions, then you can go for grander options. Due to lesser usage, the maintenance required for it will be lesser, keeping your exquisite solitaire pendant shining for longer.

By carefully considering such factors, you can ensure that you buy a piece that looks exquisite and fulfils the purpose behind buying it in the first place. So, get a single solitaire pendant or as a set with your solitaire ring and earrings and you are guaranteed to shine wherever you go.


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