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A short guide to how hiking boots fit


Choosing the perfect hiking footwear among the large variety of choices is not easy. Elements like the fit, size of the hiking shoe affect their attributes. And depending on them, the shoe performs its part. Try on several styles until you find something closer to the perfect fit.

Now, we will discuss in more detail, what you need to follow while choosing hiking footwear next time.

Factors to consider:

Length of the feet

One of the first things that people should consider while buying hiking shoes is the length from heel to toe of the feet of the person. It is an essential measurement. But at the same time, shoe sizing is not standardized. So the sizes are not consistent between all the manufacturers. A particular brand can have a variety of sizes depending on the style.

Arch length 

The arch length is the measurement from the heel to the ball of your feet. The assessment of arch length is more important than the measurement of foot length. It determines how the foot fit inside the shoe.

This element is solely responsible for the proper functionality of the hiking shoes. It helps in the flexing of the backpacking footwear at the needed location.

Foot width:

At the ball region of your feet, you can measure out the foot width. It plays a vital part in the comfort and health of your feet. All shoe brands do not offer different widths. So it is always good to check whether the brand you opted for has the width size for your hiking shoes or not.

Foot Volume:

The volume of the foot means the thickness of your feet. It states how much area your foot occupies inside the hiking shoe that you want to purchase. Consider measuring the volume of the feet before buying hiking shoes.


As every person perceives the right fit differently, it is not easy to find the ideal fit. But a Danner bull run may save you from the confusion. They have a wide range of sizes for every foot.


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