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Top Care And Maintenance Tips for Hair Pieces for Men

As you own a top-quality hair piece for men, it is a great investment for your long-term aesthetics. Men’s hairpieces become an integral part of your daily life as toupees can help in concealing balding, thinning hair, or even your receding hairline. Men invest in hair replacement systems to improve the overall looks while boosting their confidence.

When you invest in good-quality hair pieces for men, it is crucial to understand proper care & maintenance tips to make the mane last longer. Most men follow a simplified hair care routine that might work perfectly for them. However, this simple routine cannot be implemented with respect to men’s hair pieces. It is crucial to ensure that you enjoy a healthy-looking toupee for the limited timespan you will use the wig. As a user, you would definitely want the men’s toupee to remain thick, seamless, and shiny -just like the first time you wore it.

How to Take Care of Men’s Hair Pieces?

As you invest in a great quality of hair piece for men, here are some care tips you should follow routinely:

Cleaning the Hair Systems

Cleaning the hair pieces for men is immensely crucial. You should aim cleaning the hair system to get rid of all product build-up, dead skin cells, germs, and adhesive residue. When you fail to clean the hair toupee thoroughly, it will ultimately damage the hair’s root while also destroying the base material due to the presence of gunk on the hair material. At the same time, you should be cautious that you are not over-washing the hair system as it will weaken the hair pieces with time.

As per the general rule of thumb, it is recommended to wash your hair system within the duration of every 7-10 days. Ultimately, it will depend on how dirty your hair piece has become. To ensure well-rounded cleaning, make use of a gentle shampoo that is recommended by the wig or toupee manufacturer. It will help in effectively cleaning the hair pieces for men.

Go through the ingredient list of the shampoo to avoid using harsh or harmful chemicals. As you go ahead with washing the hair piece with the shampoo for toupee, avoid rubbing the hair piece too vigorously. Avoid using excessive shampoo as well. Always use lukewarm water to clean the hair system. Hot water tends to damage its roots while leaving it appearing dully, frizzy, and dry throughout. Rinse out all shampoo thoroughly. Either use a microfiber towel or air-dry the toupee to remove excess water.

Conditioning Your Toupee

Synthetic hair systems for men usually feature plastic fibers. Therefore, men’s toupee is usually dry. On the other hand, human hair systems are porous. Therefore, these allow ample moisture absorption. This is the reason why human hair pieces for men are considered superior than synthetic hair systems. As such, it is crucial to ensure that the hair system is hydrated properly. When you make use of dehydrated wig, it will appear brittle and dry throughout while resulting in matting and potential damage.

One of the best ways to make sure that your hair piece is well-moisturized is by using a well-formulated hair conditioner. The hair conditioner should be recommended by the hair system manufacturer. It should also help in restoring moisture that is lost due to the shampoo process.

For the upkeep of your hair piece for men, it is recommended to deep-condition the toupee every once a month. You can also consider using a leave-in conditioner before you wish to style the hair system. Avoid using products containing alcohol like hair sprays. It is because they tend to damage the wig’s structure while leaving the hair texture quite dry.

It is advised that you should not over-condition the wig. Too much moisture will make the hair swell while leaving open the hair cuticles.

Managing Wet Hair

Hair tends to be the weakest when it is wet. At this stage, your mane is highly vulnerable to breakage. Avoid detangling your toupee when it is still wet because you can easily tear off the sensitive base material of the hair system while breaking off strands. According to the leading wig manufacturers, you should also refrain from sleeping on the wet toupee to prevent potential damage or matting of the wig.

Using Leave-in Conditioners for the Toupee

In male wigs, there is no process of natural sebum production. Therefore, both the human hair systems and synthetic toupees are expected to be dry naturally. As no sebum is produced naturally, it implies that there is no conditioning system traversing down the hair strands to offer nourishment and protection to the hair strands.

As such, adding light leave-in conditioner to the hair system can be beneficial. The conditioner will help in sealing and locking the essential moisture while coating the hair strands and leaving your toupee feeling shiny and soft. Avoid applying the conditioner to the base of the hair strands. Always focus on applying only on the middle.

Detangling the Hair Pieces for Men

It is crucial to keep the hair pieces for men free from all possible tangles. It minimizes the overall chance of matting or hair tangling. The hair system for men features no follicles. As such, hair will not grow. Therefore, every hair strand in your toupee is crucial as there will be no re-growth of hair strands once lost.

It is recommended to use a detangling tool or a wide-tooth comb as recommended by the hair piece manufacturer to brush your hair at night as well as in the morning. While combing, be as gentle as possible to enhance the lifespan of the toupee by minimizing the amount of hair fall. In case additional detangling is required, you can take the help of a conditioner to assist with the detangling process.


Men’s hairpieces are designed to last the wearer for an extended period of time when you take proper care of the same. As you take great care of the toupee, it will help you flaunt a voluminous, lustrous, and healthy mane every day.


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